Turntable Headshell: What Is It and What Do You Need to Know?

Turntable headshell

If you’ve been researching topics about turntables and vinyl records, odds are you’ve come across the word “headshell” before. This word relates to a specific part of the turntable and is often associated with the cartridge and tonearm. However, it’s not that simple. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about a … Read more

Turntable Isolation 101: Everything You Need to Know

Turntable isolation

Turntable isolation is essential for not only enjoying your vinyl to its maximum potential but also ensuring your expensive equipment is protected. Improper isolation will be noticed by notice listeners all the way up to vinyl enthusiasts – that’s how much it can impact the listening experience. In this article, we’ll cover the ins and … Read more

How to Replace a Needle on a Record Player in Under 5 Minutes

How to replace needle on record player

Is your record player sounding dull or scratchy? Maybe you’re noticing skips are happening more frequently? Or perhaps it’s just been a while since you’ve replaced your record player needle? Regardless of the reason, this quick and simple guide will help you replace the needle on your record player in under 5 minutes. What you’ll … Read more

How to Hang Records on a Wall: 6 Methods

How to hang records on the wall

Collecting vinyl is all about expressing yourself and your music taste. You can learn a lot about someone by just browsing through their record collection. That’s why many vinyl-lovers choose to display their collection in a way that is eye-catching and stylish. Hanging records on the wall is a great way to do this! Of … Read more

5 Methods for Fixing a Warped Record

Fixing a Warped Record

We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready to play one of your favorite vinyl records. You pull out your disc and set it on your record player and notice it looks kind of funny. Upon playing, the needle moves up and down as the record clumsily skips along. Uh oh, you’ve got a warped record. … Read more

Turntable Cartridge Replacement in Under 5 Minutes

Turntable Cartridge Replacement

If you have a turntable, chances are that at some point you will need to replace the cartridge. Although it may seem like a daunting task, replacing your turntable cartridge is actually quite simple and can be done in under 5 minutes. Here are 8 steps that will show you how to replace your turntable … Read more

MM vs MC Cartridge: Differences Explained

MM vs MC Cartridge

When it comes to phono cartridges, there are a lot of options to choose from. On top of the different brands and model numbers, you have moving magnet and moving coil cartridges which seemingly split you into two separate camps. While the differences can seem daunting at first, it’s relatively simple to understand in a … Read more

What Is a Slip Mat?

What Is a Slip Mat?

Turntable slipmats come in a variety of styles and materials. Because most turntables and record players come pre-equipped with a slip mat, we often overlook the importance these simple items serve and the rich history they have. In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly a slip mat is, what purposes they serve, … Read more

Are Expensive Phono Preamps Worth It?

Are expensive phono preamps worth it?

You may have heard the phrase “you get what you pay for” before. Sometimes that’s true, while other times, a more budget-friendly option can serve the same function without breaking the bank. When it comes to phono preamps, many vinyl enthusiasts ask themselves, “is an expensive phono preamp worth it?” This article aims to show … Read more

Passive or powered speakers for turntables

Passive or powered speakers for turntable

If you’re getting started in the world of vinyl, you might be wondering what sort of speakers you should pair with your turntable. Depending on your needs, you might be considering passive or powered speakers, but how do you know which is right for you? In this article, we’ll break down the key differences between … Read more