Vinyl Crackle: Why You Heard It & How To Make It Stop

Prevent vinyl crackle

There’s a big difference between the authentic and nostalgic analog sound that vinyl records provide and the persistent crackles that affect the quality of your listening experience. For new enthusiasts, this could be hard to discern. If you’re hearing a persistent vinyl crackle or even a pop, it could be due to dust, debris, or … Read more

Record Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about vinyl record sizes

Some turntables can play different record sizes, but you must understand the differences in record sizes so you don’t invest in something that doesn’t suit your needs. This article will dive into everything you need to know about record sizes and what this means for audio playback.

How to Handle a Vinyl Record: A Visual Guide

Woman correctly handling a vinyl record

Ensuring your vinyl records last as long as possible requires consistent proper handling and care. Keeping your vinyl record collection in good condition comes with a few steps that any vinyl enthusiast should know about.

The Needle Doctor: Brief History & 7 Alternatives

The Needle Doctor

If you consider yourself a strict audiophile or even an enthusiast of vinyl records, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Needle Doctor. Started by Jerry Raskin, an all-around audio enthusiast himself, vinyl records and audio equipment held a special place in his heart. That passion was shared with thousands of people throughout his … Read more

8 Great Ways to Remove Static From Records

Remove static from records

If you want to get the best sound and long-term quality out of your vinyl collection, it’ll require proper care, which entails more than you might think. Most people assume you just need to keep them covered in a sleeve, so they remain dust-free, but there are other factors that can affect them as well. … Read more

Half-Speed Mastering: What Is It and Why Is It Better?

Half-speed mastering

The final product of the record-making process requires much more skill and effort than you might think. Every step of the process requires a detailed level of precision as it’s needed to ensure the music and record perform how they should. In this article, I’m going to explore half-speed mastering, what it is, and why … Read more

10 Must-Own Rap & Hip Hop Vinyl Records

Hip Hop Vinyl Records

You can find nearly any track you want on digital formats like streaming services today, and although that may be convenient, it’s definitely missing some sonic qualities in a few areas. Vinyl records are loved for their unique sound, and many songs and albums simply sound entirely different when listening to them on a record … Read more

How to Hang Records on a Wall: 6 Methods

How to hang records on the wall

Collecting vinyl is all about expressing yourself and your music taste. You can learn a lot about someone by just browsing through their record collection. That’s why many vinyl-lovers choose to display their collection in a way that is eye-catching and stylish. Hanging records on the wall is a great way to do this! Of … Read more