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About Andrew

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Andrew is a musician, audio engineer, and all-around music enthusiast from the midwest United States. Andrew was the son of an electrical engineer who exposed him to various electronics and electrical components at a young age.

Andrew took the skillset in a different direction and began working on repairing vintage turntables and audio equipment. In addition to his vinyl setup, Andrew enjoys using vintage 1970s, 80’s, and 90’s recording equipment in his music and experiments with various vintage compressors, tape recorders, synthesizers, and more.

Andrew started HiFi Hippo in 2019 as he felt the internet was lacking an informed and professional opinion when it came to home audio and vinyl listening stations. He believes that regardless of age, status, or location, everyone should enjoy listening to the music they love.

About HiFi Hippo

HiFi Hippo is a vinyl and home audio blog created by Andrew in 2019. We’re a resource for seasoned audio lovers and those looking to dive into the hobby for the first time.

We provide honest reviews, helpful guides, and entertaining content for readers.