Passive or powered speakers for turntables

Passive or powered speakers for turntable

If you’re getting started in the world of vinyl, you might be wondering what sort of speakers you should pair with your turntable. Depending on your needs, you might be considering passive or powered speakers, but how do you know which is right for you? In this article, we’ll break down the key differences between … Read more

What are Powered Speakers: How They Work and Why You Might Want a Pair

Image of a powered speaker

What distinguishes powered speakers from unpowered, passive speakers? “Powered speakers” may appear excessive – don’t all speakers require some form of power? This in-depth guide will cover everything you need to know about powered speakers. Let’s dive in! What’s the difference between a powered and unpowered speaker? First, let’s explain the differences between powered speaker … Read more

6 Common Speaker Problems and How to Fix Them

Fixing common speaker problems

Almost every household has a set of speakers. No matter how big or small, cheap or expensive, or new or old, any home sound system can suffer some speaker problems through day-to-day use. This speaker repair guide explains the basics of how a speaker works, what frequently goes wrong, how to identify a problem with … Read more

Headphones vs. Speakers: What’s Best For You?

Speakers vs headphones

If you’re into music, there is a chance you have already come across the speakers vs. headphones controversy about which one is better in terms of durability, sound quality, and more.  Before we go further, it’s best to understand that both headphones and speakers have their own unique pros and cons to consider. There are … Read more

Best All-In-One Stereo System with Turntable

All-in-one stereo system with turntable

Are you new to the world of vinyl records? Or maybe you’re a longtime listener who wants to upgrade or consolidate their record player system? Regardless of your history with records, an all-in-one stereo and turntable system is not only great for playing vinyl records but also for listening to music in general. An all-in-one … Read more

Using a Subwoofer for Vinyl Setups

Subwoofer in a man's living room

If you’re looking to add some more bass to your vinyl setup, a subwoofer might be the perfect option for you. Of course, there are many different aspects to consider before introducing a subwoofer into your system. In this article, we’ll cover all the questions you have about subwoofers as well as some of the … Read more

The 9 Best Speaker Stands of 2023: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The best speaker stands: a complete buying guide

Even if you have the best bookshelf speakers, without proper speaker stands you’ll be doing your listening experience a disservice. Speaker stands are essential in maximizing the full sound quality of a speaker. Regardless of if you’re using a set of high-end speakers or a modest budget setup, any speaker can benefit from proper isolation … Read more

Best Floor Speakers for Vinyl: A Comprehensive Guide

Floor speaker for a vinyl setup

Whether you have a basic record player or a top-of-the-line turntable setup, speakers are going to be a defining factor between good and bad sound quality. If you’ve invested your money into vinyl records and a turntable, it’s important that the speakers in your setup pull their weight. Excellent speakers can transform a good vinyl … Read more

Best Turntable Speakers of 2023: Complete Buyer’s Guide

The best speakers for a turntable

By far, the best way to improve your vinyl listening experience is to upgrade your speakers. Speakers are the centerpiece of a home audio setup and can make or break an audio experience. However, with the variety of different opinions on media outlets and forums, it can be difficult to find what speakers are best … Read more