Vinyl Crackle: Why You Heard It & How To Make It Stop

Prevent vinyl crackle

There’s a big difference between the authentic and nostalgic analog sound that vinyl records provide and the persistent crackles that affect the quality of your listening experience. For new enthusiasts, this could be hard to discern. If you’re hearing a persistent vinyl crackle or even a pop, it could be due to dust, debris, or … Read more

How to Polish & Restore a Turntable Dust Cover Using Holdhold Items

How to polish turntable dust cover

Over time, a turntable’s dust cover will inevitably develop a bit of haze. This haze, while it doesn’t affect playback, does affect the visual look and appeal of your turntable. If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of pride in how your turntable looks, sounds, and functions. Since dust covers not only serve … Read more

Is Your Record Player Too Fast or Slow? Here’s What to Do

Record player playing too slow while someone listens to music

At some point, everyone’s experienced their record player playing too fast or slow. This can be really frustrating, but thankfully there are some simple ways to fix it! In this article, we’ll outline what to do if your record player is playing at the wrong speed. So whether you’re a vinyl newbie or an old pro, read on for tips on how to correct this issue.

Record Sizes: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about vinyl record sizes

Some turntables can play different record sizes, but you must understand the differences in record sizes so you don’t invest in something that doesn’t suit your needs. This article will dive into everything you need to know about record sizes and what this means for audio playback.

How to Handle a Vinyl Record: A Visual Guide

Woman correctly handling a vinyl record

Ensuring your vinyl records last as long as possible requires consistent proper handling and care. Keeping your vinyl record collection in good condition comes with a few steps that any vinyl enthusiast should know about.

Are Vintage Turntables Better Than New Ones?

A vintage Marantz turntable

There’s a nostalgic and classic quality that a vintage table is known for, but aside from that, other qualities separate the old from the new. This article will provide a detailed overview of this question while exploring what vintage turntables have to offer.

Are Turntable Cartridges Universal?

Are turntable cartridges universal

Understanding each component can be challenging for those who are either new to record player technology or are simply going through a learning curve. You always want to ensure that you have the right part for the job and that everything is compatible to enjoy the highest fidelity audio quality. With the vast number of … Read more