Built-in vs External Phono Preamps for Turntables

Built-in vs External Phono Preamps for Turntables

The world of phono preamps is a complicated one. Preamps come in various forms, shapes, and sizes and just because you have one doesn’t mean you’re receiving the best quality of sound from your turntable. When contemplating using an internal phono preamp vs an external one there are a few key things to consider. Let’s … Read more

Phono preamp tube basics

Phono preamp tube basics

There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding phono preamp tubes. Vacuum power tubes have been used in amps, preamps, and speakers for decades, but they can quickly become damaged without proper knowledge and care. When used in a phono preamp, tubes are incredibly important for two main reasons. First, they help to amplify the signal from … Read more

Vinyl Record Grading: A Full Grading Guide

Record grading

If you’ve never bought a used record before, you may not be very familiar with the vinyl record grading system. Essentially, this is a system that describes the condition of both a vinyl record as well as the album cover. When people are interested in buying used records, they want to know what they’re paying … Read more

The 5 Best USB Turntables of 2022

Best USB Turntables

Vinyl is experiencing a resurgence in the digital era. With that comes a variety of innovative new ways to listen to your vinyl collection. One of the newer turntable features that many modern systems come equipped with is a USB connection. A USB turntable is capable of making digital conversions of analog records for the … Read more

Why Is Vinyl So Expensive?

Why is vinyl so expensive

It seems like everything is getting more expensive these days; vinyl records are no exception. It hasn’t always been this way, though. A decade ago, the new and used vinyl record market was very affordable. Let’s look at why vinyl is so expensive and what exactly is driving the price increases? Why is a vinyl … Read more

How to Convert Vinyl to Digital

Convert vinyl to digital

Everyone loves the sound of a vinyl record. Every time you put a record on it’s an event – not to mention the superior sound quality that comes along with it. With all this being said, the reason why digital information became so prevalent in society is because of its convenience and portability. The same … Read more

Types of Vinyl Records: Sizes & Speeds Explained

Types of vinyl records

Are you interested in purchasing a new record but don’t know what size to get? Or maybe you’ve been given an old record collection you’d like to listen to? Regardless of your situation, understanding the different types of records and how they are played is extremely important. This guide covers everything you need to know … Read more

How Does a Record Player Work: The History & Science Behind Vinyl

How does a record player work?

In recent years, vinyl has made a resurgence into the mainstream – and for a good reason. The natural, high-fidelity sound of a record tremendously improves the listening experience for many music lovers. It’s easy to get caught up in the music, but have you ever stopped to think “how does a record player work?” … Read more

How to Clean Vinyl Records

How to clean vinyl records

Have you ever sat down and put on a record only to be met with the sound of pops, crackles, and snaps? There are few things more annoying than a noisy record, but the good news is it can often be fixed! If you’re experiencing loud pops when playing vinyl, odds are your record needs … Read more