What Is A Turntable Cartridge?

What is a turntable cartridge?

A turntable cartridge, as the name suggests, is a device that converts vibrations from records into an electrical signal. These signals are then transmitted to speakers or headphones for playback. Without the use of a cartridge, even if you have good speakers and sound system, your music will not be audible! This article discusses some … Read more

How to Ground a Turntable — What You Should Know

How to ground a turntable

There are few things quite as irritating to the music lover as background noise — it’s even worse when the annoying hum comes from the speakers of your turntable setup. So how do you stop turntables from humming? The common answer is that you need to ground it. We have some good news for you: … Read more

Best Turntables Under $500: 2022 Buying Guide

Best Turntables Under $500

So you’re in the market for a turntable? $500 is a great budget that allows you a lot of flexibility when it comes to turntable quality and features that some beginner models might not have. Of course, there are a ton of options out there. I’ve hand-picked some of the best turntables on the market … Read more

Direct-Drive vs. Belt-Drive Turntables: What Are the Differences?

Direct Drive vs Belt Drive Turntable

Perhaps you’re just getting started in the world of vinyl (if so, welcome!). Or, maybe you’ve had the same turntable for a while and are looking to invest in a high-quality upgrade. Furthermore, perhaps you’re transitioning into DJing and want the best model for performing. These are all excellent reasons to revisit the age-old question … Read more

Best Turntables Under $200: 2022 Buying Guide

Best Turntables Under $200 banner image

Whether you’ve been listening to records for decades or are just getting your feet wet now, a $200 budget is a great starting point for beginners and novices looking to purchase their first turntable. While a higher price point typically does correlate to a higher quality turntable, that’s not at all to say that you can’t … Read more

How to Clean a Turntable Needle

Clean the stylus of your vinyl record player

One unavoidable fact about owning and playing vinyl records is that dust and dirt will at times get stuck within the grooves of the record. As a responsible vinyl owner, you should be thorough about checking and cleaning your stylus. Just because you properly store your vinyl records doesn’t mean that your stylus doesn’t need … Read more

What Is Speaker Impedance?

Speaker impedance explained

If you’d like to connect your speakers to your amplifier, it’s important to have at least a rudimentary understanding of speaker impedance. With this knowledge in tow, you can ensure you’re setting everything up safely and correctly.   The concept of a speaker’s impedance is often presented to novices as something very complicated or too … Read more

Phono vs Line Signal

Phono vs Line Signal

The common misunderstanding between Line and Phono confuses both new turntable users as well as experienced ones. Within this page, we’ll the differences between the two inputs and why or how you might use one plug over the other. For further reading about turntables as a whole, check out our turntable setup guide. What’s the … Read more

How To Tell If A Turntable Needle Is Bad

How To Tell If A Turntable Needle Is Bad?

Does something sound wrong with the sound quality of your turntable or record player? Maybe you’re hearing a great deal of distortion when playing your vinyl records. While not all sounds of distortion are indicators that you may need to replace the stylus of your turntable, it is important to diagnose the issue as quickly … Read more

What is a Phono Preamp?

What is a Phono Preamp?

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of vinyl or have been listening for years, phono preamps can be one of the more confusing elements of turntable setups. A record player can come with a built-in preamp, so what’s the deal with people buying an external phono preamp? As most things with turntables tend … Read more