Best Turntables Under $200 | 2022 Buying Guide

Best turntables under $200

Vinyl sales have made a recent resurgence in the last couple of years. As more and more people purchase their favorite vinyl records, the demand for turntable systems to play them has also increased. Folks are coming to appreciate the analog sound of vinyl and the benefits of a high-quality turntable. When considering building your … Read more

How to Clean a Turntable Needle

Clean the stylus of your vinyl record player

One unavoidable fact about owning and playing vinyl records is that dust and dirt will at times get stuck within the grooves of the record. As a responsible vinyl owner, you should be thorough about checking and cleaning your stylus. Just because you properly store your vinyl records doesn’t mean that your stylus doesn’t need … Read more

How To Tell If A Turntable Needle Is Bad

How To Tell If A Turntable Needle Is Bad?

Does something sound wrong with the sound quality of your turntable or record player? Maybe you’re hearing a great deal of distortion when playing your vinyl records. While not all sounds of distortion are indicators that you may need to replace the stylus of your turntable, it is important to diagnose the issue as quickly … Read more

Turntable vs. Record Player – What’s the Difference?

Nothing is simple in the world of vinyl. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you’re about to. Exhibit A: Difference between a turntable vs. record player. You might think the terms can be used interchangeably… they both play vinyl records, right? Wrong. Table of Contents Is there a difference between a turntable vs. … Read more

Turntable Setup: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Turntable setup guide

Table of Contents Extra Items You Might Need What is needed for a turntable setup? How Do I Setup My Turntable? What’s the Right Turntable Setup for You? Commonly Asked Questions The process of setting up your turntable can be very simple depending on what equipment you have. While each listening setup is unique, there … Read more