Record Player Parts: 7 Important Components Every Vinyl-Lover Should Know

Record player parts

Turntables and record players are incredible engineering accomplishments that fascinate people. It’s hard to be a vinyl-lover and not think about the system that gives you so much joy. In this article, we’ll discuss the main parts of a record player and the functions they serve. Why it’s important to know the parts of a … Read more

How Does a Record Player Work: The History & Science Behind Vinyl

How does a record player work?

In recent years, vinyl has made a resurgence into the mainstream – and for a good reason. The natural, high-fidelity sound of a record tremendously improves the listening experience for many music lovers. It’s easy to get caught up in the music, but have you ever stopped to think “how does a record player work?” … Read more

Tracking Force: Why It’s Important For Your Turntable

Tracking force

Setting the proper tracking force for your turntable and cartridge is vital for improving sound quality but ensuring your stylus and cartridge aren’t subjected to unnecessary wear and tear. If you’re new to the world of turntables or just looking for a quick refresher, this guide is for you! What is tracking force? Tracking force … Read more

Automatic vs. Manual Turntables: A Complete Comparison

Manual vs. automatic turntables

When you are on the verge of purchasing a new turntable, you may be torn between buying an automatic vs. manual turntable. Each kind of turntable has its own unique set of pros and cons that you should consider.  This guide will help you decide by providing background information on each type of turntable and … Read more

Best Belt Drive Turntables

Best belt drive turntables & record players

Not all turntables and record players operate in the same way, and they deliver various unique qualities when it comes to playback, sound quality, and overall functionality. Whether you’re an audiophile or not, getting the most out of your favorite records is ideal, and which record player you choose depends on what you’re looking to … Read more

The 5 Best Budget Turntables: Top Picks for Cheap Record Players

The best budget turntables and record players

Aside from the organic sound turntables and record players provide and the history that comes with their influence on music, the equipment built for this timeless object continues to evolve. Now listing to vinyl records is as widely accessible as ever thanks to budget turntable options on the mark, allowing people all over the world … Read more

Best All-In-One Stereo System with Turntable

All-in-one stereo system with turntable

Are you new to the world of vinyl records? Or maybe you’re a longtime listener who wants to upgrade or consolidate their record player system? Regardless of your history with records, an all-in-one stereo and turntable system is not only great for playing vinyl records but also for listening to music in general. An all-in-one … Read more

8 Common Issues That Cause Record Player Skipping and How to Fix Them

Stop your record player from skipping

The sound of a record player skipping is the worst. It’s distracting and can ruin an otherwise great experience. Skips are frustrating, but they don’t have to be permanent. In this guide, we help you diagnose why your records skip so you can fix them quickly and easily. We’ll show you how to troubleshoot problems … Read more

Turntable Upgrades: The Path to Improving Your Setup

The best turntable upgrades

Okay, so you’ve finally got a solid turntable to play your vinyl records on – great! You’re able to enjoy the higher sound quality and detail of analog music. However, a turntable alone is just one piece of the puzzle. Turntable setups are constantly evolving and there are a series of upgrades you might want … Read more