The 5 Best USB Turntables of 2023

Vinyl is experiencing a resurgence in the digital era. With that comes a variety of innovative new ways to listen to your vinyl collection. One of the newer turntable features that many modern systems come equipped with is a USB connection. A USB turntable is capable of making digital conversions of analog records for the purposes of archiving, sampling, or convenient listening.

With so many options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. That’s why we put together our top pick for the best USB turntables on the market today!

Best USB turntables on the market in 2023

How we make our picks

Here at HiFi Hippo, we pride ourselves on providing objective reviews using while using price, quality, and prior experience to develop a ranked order.

Our product curators are not only vinyl enthusiasts but work professionally in audio and music. Through our professional experience as well as our involvement with many vinyl and home audio forums we curate and develop our lists to best serve our readers.

Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best USB turntables in 2023.

Our Top Pick: Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable

An audiophile-quality USB turntable packed with features

Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable, USB Output for Recording, Speed Auto Sensor,...
333 Reviews
Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable, USB Output for Recording, Speed Auto Sensor,...
  • REDISCOVER YOUR PASSION FOR VINYL - Give your old analog records...
  • MORE FEATURES, MORE FLEXIBILITY – Equipped with a weighted...
  • A UNIQUE CURVED TONEARM DESIGN – Carefully designed horizontal...

Key features:

  • Wired connectivity
  • Tonearm with adjustable counterweight
  • Integrated USB port
  • Built-in phono preamp
  • Removable dust cover

Reasons to buy

The Denon DP-450 USB turntable is compatible with 33 ⅓, 45, and 75 rpm records, and it boasts a weighted belt-driven platter that helps with crisp playback. It comes with MM and MC cartridge support and a speed auto-sensor, which plays a part in a consistent and pristine sound.

One of its most popular features is its USB port which allows you to quickly create MP3 and WAV audio files out of your record collection all at the press of the record button.

The USB feature makes it a great choice for those looking to chop up music samples or create a digital version that can be added to playlists and stored as a backup. It’s also an excellent feature for DJs as they like to blend and manipulate sounds.

The DP-450USB also comes with an automatic horizontal tracking angled tonearm that starts and stops with precision. You’ll find this turntable provides a sound quality that’s hard to match as it’s manufactured with a phono equalizer that brings out the authentic sound of the original analog recording. 

It has a stylish and modern design that’s sleek, and you shouldn’t have any issue integrating it with your home decor. Setup and installation are a breeze as you can have it up and running within minutes out of the box.

Cons to consider

This turntable may come with a high price tag, a clean-cut look, and quality features, but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect choice for everyone. Some customers have noticed that the turntable isn’t 100% silent during playback, as it emits a whirring sound that can be relatively distracting.

There have also been reports about the turntable’s automatic functions not working after a short time and minimal use.

There isn’t a massive list of cons associated with the product, but there is a recurring sentiment about the issues it’s known for.


The Denon DP-450USB Semi-Automatic Analog Turntable may come with some minor issues, but it’s a stylish option that still gives you the ability to record vinyl records within the system itself. That paired with the other awesome features of the DP-450 makes it our top pick for the best USB turntable on the market.

Under $400: Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable

Direct drive USB turntable perfect for a professional DJ

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB), Fully Manual, Hi-Fi, 3 Speed,...
7,919 Reviews
Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB), Fully Manual, Hi-Fi, 3 Speed,...
  • Experience the high-fidelity audio of vinyl
  • Direct-drive, DC servo motor with selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds....
  • Fully manual operation featuring adjustable dynamic anti-skate...

Key features:

  • Wired connectivity
  • Plastic material
  • Direct-drive motor
  • USB output
  • Fully manual operation

Reasons to buy

The Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB turntable boasts a damped construction to aid against low-frequency feedback, and it comes with a direct drive DC servo motor capable of multiple RPM speeds.

Many people appreciate the anti-skating control, and it also comes with the benefit of variable pitch control. Like other USB turntables on this list, it provides USB compatibility for easy vinyl ripping. Once the turntable is connected to your computer, you can use nearly any audio recording software to capture the playback.

The fully manual operation keeps you in full control, and the die-cast aluminum platter comes with a felt mat for the smoothest and clearest playback possible. With damped lift control and a lockable rest, you’ll be able to keep the s-shaped tonearm in pristine condition. It even offers a target light that helps cue a record in low-light environments.

Along with each of its features, all necessary accessories are included, such as a USB cable, RCA output cable, AC adapter, counterweight, and more. Other turntables on the market may offer similar features, but this one has a great blend of smart features, quality, and style. If you look at customer reviews, many buyers seem pleasantly surprised at how the turntable performs, and many consider it a standout option among others.

Cons To Consider

In the same vein, the Audio-Technica isn’t the best choice for everyone, as you can find varying sentiments from those who have given it a test run. Some people feel setup instructions can be overly difficult. If you’re looking to utilize its USB vinyl ripping feature, it’ll also require some adjustment to a few settings in your audio recording software. Even after troubleshooting on their own, some buyers had to contact customer support to get the turntable in working order.

Others feel that the turntable should come with some automatic features considering the price tag, but it isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. You may also find that the turntable doesn’t provide a consistent output when adjusting the speed switch.

Many of the reviews about the turntable seem to pertain to any particular circumstances, and although some of the cons may be a nuisance, you won’t find many people telling you to look elsewhere.


The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable is the best USB turntable under $400 for those who prefer manual control over every parameter and are looking to create digital files from their favorite vinyl records. Overall, it has a pretty good rating from most customers, but it wouldn’t be the best choice for audiophiles.

Anyone looking for top-notch audio quality, automatic features, and unwavering construction might want to look at other options. 

This can be tough because this turntable lands in a decent price range for many people, and a slight change in features can drastically change the cost. Nevertheless, it’s a decent choice, but it’s vital to pay close attention to setup instructions and possibly look up assembly videos online for a more detailed approach.

Under $300: Music Hall USB-1 Record Turntable

Mid-level option with high-end features

Music Hall usb-1 Record Turntable
132 Reviews
Music Hall usb-1 Record Turntable
  • extremely quiet belt drive, 2-speed turntable

Key features:

  • Wired connectivity
  • Vinyl material
  • Belt driven
  • Two RPM speeds
  • USB compatibility

Reasons to buy

The Music Hall USB-1 is a belt-driven USB turntable that offers 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM playback speeds and comes with a relatively simple design. You can encode a digital copy of your favorite vinyl record and easily upload online, add it to your favorite playlist, or a computer or external storage device.

Many note that the adjustable pitch works like a charm, unlike many other turntables, and it provides an ergonomic design that fits well in entertainment systems and home decor alike.

Numerous people praise the product as it has a stellar output considering the affordable price tag. It’s even highly recommended by many who have spent decades around evolving record player technology.

Cons to consider

The turntable comes with an Audio-Technica moving magnet cartridge, and there are a handful of comments that mention it may require you to adjust the tracking weight for optimal performance.

Others have noted that the turntable’s frequency range sounds rather thin and tends to miss a lot of the low to mid-range in vinyl records. After thorough research, it’s evident that others have the same experience, even when switching to other outputs. This could be in part due to the Audio-Technica cartridge, so it’s recommended to upgrade to a better cartridge to improve sound quality.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a common issue, some buyers have mentioned that making manual adjustments to speed can be somewhat challenging. Some others have reported that they have to keep making adjustments over time, claiming that there’s either adrift in the platter speed or potentially an inaccurate strobe.


The Music Hall USB-1 Record Turntable is easily the best USB turntable under $300. Although USB turntables are known to be somewhat cheaper than other high-end models, audiophiles still praise the Music Hall USB-1 for the quality it does provide, considering the price.

If you’re looking for fully automatic operation and a sound dampening construction, this turntable may not be for you. For those looking to create MP3s out of their entire vinyl collection, the Music Hall is definitely built for the job and earns its place on the list as one of the best USB turntables.

Under $200: 1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable

Convenient, elegant, and simplistic

1 by ONE Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity, Built-in Phono Pre-amp, USB Digital...
2,873 Reviews
1 by ONE Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth Connectivity, Built-in Phono Pre-amp, USB Digital...
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair with Bluetooth speakers or...
  • Magnetic Cartridge Stylus: The diamond-tipped stylus cartridge is...
  • Adjustable Counterweight Force: Get perfect playback every time...

Key features:

  • Belt-driven
  • Wood, plastic, metal material
  • USB digital output
  • Bluetooth transmission
  • DC motor

Reasons to buy

If you’re looking for efficiency with a sleek design, the 1 BY ONE USB turntable is a standout choice as it has a blend of features that are great for most people.

Not only does it have the USB output you’re looking for, but it also boasts Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to play your favorite records through various audio systems like powered speakers or wireless headphones. It also comes with a diamond-tipped Audio-Technica stylus that delivers a consistent and full sound.

Connect the turntable to your computer and easily create digital files of your vinyl collection. After looking at the reviews, many buyers consider this turntable an excellent entry-level choice. The price is hard to beat, and most people are pretty satisfied with the look and sound it offers.

Cons to consider

Some people feel the turntable’s quality doesn’t hold up to the company’s claims. Cueing tracks can be challenging as the anti-skate doesn’t always perform, and individual parts seem to be of poor material and mechanical quality. Without the proper know-how, it can be challenging to be precise with anti-skate and weight adjustments, which has led to poor playback.

RPMs aren’t consistent for some people, and the lack of automatic features makes it a hassle for long listening sessions. Repetitive issues with anti-skate ended up being a deal-breaker for some buyers who decided to look for alternatives.


The 1 BY ONE Belt Drive Turntable is a solid choice if you aren’t looking to break the bank, but the product’s longevity is relatively questionable. It works just fine for casual users, and vinyl ripping is an easy process, so that’s why it’s our pick as the best USB turntable under $200.

Under $100: ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

One of the best USB turntables to get on a tight budget

ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable / Vinyl Record Player with Speakers, USB...
9,595 Reviews
ION Audio Premier LP | Wireless Bluetooth Turntable / Vinyl Record Player with Speakers, USB...
  • Rediscover your treasured Vinyl Record Collection –...
  • Bluetooth streaming - Bluetooth sends wireless signal to any...
  • The centerpiece of your listening experience - 1/8-inch Aux input...

Key features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Plastic material
  • DC motor
  • USB compatible
  • Built-in stereo speakers

Reasons to buy

The price is hard to beat, making the ION Audio Premier LP a top choice for many people looking for their first USB record player. It offers three different RPM speeds, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can play your records through external speakers. There’s also a built-in preamp if you want to use a wired connection to another audio system. Easily digitize your library and guarantee that your favorite records stand the test of time.

Once you dive into the reviews, you’ll quickly find many satisfied buyers who feel like they got what they paid for. They love the all-in-one design that gives a slew of features in a compact turntable, and many are surprised by how loud the built-in speakers can get. It’s truly a great starter option for a first record player or turntable.

Cons to consider

The price may be a top-selling point for many buyers, but that also comes with a few downsides. Those who aren’t as happy with the turntable mention that the turntable can be frustrating to set up and expect manual adjustments upon arrival. Even after everything was put together, a handful of customers stated the turntable simply wouldn’t operate as it should and had to contact the company for a replacement. 

Although some people find this highly unacceptable, some of this can be expected considering how affordable this turntable is. Also, if the belt on the turntable isn’t perfectly straight at all times, it’ll cause drastic issues with playback sound quality. It may have an appetizing price tag, but if it doesn’t operate how it should, you might want to consider other options first.


After sorting through the pros and cons, the ION Audio Premier LP Wireless Bluetooth Turntable is only ideal for those looking to test the waters with USB turntables. If you don’t have much expertise, it’s a solid choice as it won’t tap the wallet too hard. 

Regarding its USB features, it’s vital to mention that creating MP3s out of your records can only be achieved using their included ION Audio EZ conversion software, which isn’t the most efficient route. However, all things considered, it’s by far the best USB turntable under $100.

Are USB turntables worth it?

Man using USB turntable to convert vinyl record to digital

A USB turntable is definitely worth the investment if you’re interested in digitizing your vinyl record collection or sampling your records. USB turntables provide an all-in-one solution for recording your records at the highest quality.

When comes to USB turntables, it boils down to what you’re trying to accomplish and the overall quality you’re looking for. Creating an MP3 from a vinyl record depends on the sound quality of the turntable itself. If it constantly skips or doesn’t cover a decent frequency range, this will reflect in the ripped files. 

Additionally, some turntables make this process easier than others, and I’d suggest staying away from any company that requires you to use third-party software to create MP3s. All that you should need is a USB cable and free audio recording software such as Audacity.

What is the point of a USB turntable?

A USB turntable allows you to create digital versions of all of your vinyl records. That way, you can listen to that crisp analog sound in digital format. It’s also a great tool for musicians who like to sample music, as they can create MP3s and then chop them up into new sound in a DAW or other audio editing software.

How do I transfer vinyl to USB?

There are a handful of methods available to convert vinyl to digital formats. As you may have noticed in this article, each USB turntable offers various ways to transfer vinyl. Some make it quite simple by solely providing a USB cable and suggesting different audio software that you can use to rip the audio. 

Like the last option on this list, others require you to use proprietary software in conjunction with their turntable. Regardless of the method, you just need to connect the USB between the turntable and your computer, change your input settings in the audio software, and press record as the turntable spins the record.

Best USB turntables: The bottom line

The primary purpose of USB turntables is to transfer vinyl records into a digital MP3 or WAV file. Although they can play records like any other turntable, USB turntables’ selling point really pertains to their connectivity features.

It’s an excellent option for music fanatics who want copies of their favorite records, DJs who like to mash up and remix songs, or music producers who like to cut up and rework samples. Regardless of your specific needs, this article covers the best USB turntables you can find on the market, each suitable for various budgets and use cases.