Best Turntable Speakers of 2023: Complete Buyer’s Guide

By far, the best way to improve your vinyl listening experience is to upgrade your speakers. Speakers are the centerpiece of a home audio setup and can make or break an audio experience. However, with the variety of different opinions on media outlets and forums, it can be difficult to find what speakers are best for you and your budget.

So how do you know which are the best speakers for you? We’ve compiled a list of the best turntable speakers for a variety of uses and budgets.

Before we being, it’s important to understand your audio setup and the components within it. This buying guide will include both active and passive speakers. It’s important to understand the distinction and what type of speaker will work with your existing setup. For our powered speaker list, check out our guide here.

Additionally, speakers being used with a turntable will usually need the help of a phono preamp to boost the audio signal. Phono preamps sometimes come built into turntables but can also be added as external units.

Now with that said, let’s move into the speakers!

How I make our speaker suggestions

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Andrew – Lead Editor

When picking our top speakers, I take a great deal of time to research all of the options on the market. Through live testing and forum research, I formulate our lists to prioritize sound quality, features, brand reputation and build quality – all with price taken into account.

Rest assured, my recommendations are based on years of audio experience at both the professional and hobbyist levels. This research never stops and all of our buying guides are updated frequently with the latest information.

My 5 picks for best turntable speakers

Klipsch RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers

My Top Pick

Technical specs & features

  • Passive speakers
  • 2-way ported speaker design
  • Power output: 100W continuous, 400W peak power
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Driver sizes: 1″ tweeter, 6.5″ woofer
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 25 kHz


Bi-wiring/amping capability: These speakers include dual input terminals for bi-wiring and bi-amping. This focuses on separating high and low-frequency currents into different speaker cables. In turn, this reduces distortion for a better mid-range frequency response.

Tractrix ports: The included ports deliver an efficient and quick air transfer from the cabinet, which provides a powerful bass and overall cleaner sound. This is possible due to the stellar Tractrix geometry.

High-fidelity audio: I absolutely love the high-fidelity sound these speakers provide. To achieve this, it requires a reputable quality from the individual components to the overall build quality of the speaker itself. This can be somewhat of a rarity with some speakers, but the RP-600M seems to have hit the mark.


Maximum output: The speakers don’t have any trouble delivering enough power that’s suitable for most people, but they’re only capable of 25W of maximum output. For those in larger spaces or are simply looking for a little more punch in their audio playback, this is a factor that should be considered.

Remote control: This is a feature that provides a lot of conveniences, but it’s entirely reliant on a functioning remote. If, for any reason, the remote stops working, whether due to damage or a lack of power, there’s no way to manually use or make adjustments to the speakers.

Why the Klipsch RP-600Ms are my favorite turntable speakers

The Klipsch RP-600M speakers are the perfect pairing of sound quality in a convenient shape and size. These speakers come with a variety of high-quality components such as a titanium vented tweeter and copper cerametallic woofers.

These specialized cones provide exceptional sound reproduction and can handle high wattage. Additionally, both the low and high ends of the audio frequency spectrum are well accounted for, providing dynamic and transparent sound.

Klipsch speakers have a rich history of high-quality audio and fantastic aesthetics. These speakers can’t be beaten by any others in their price range. That’s why they’re our pick for top speakers.

Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers

Runner Up

Technical specs & features

  • Powered speakers
  • 2-way ported speaker design
  • Power output: 100W continuous, 200W peak power
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Driver sizes: 1″ silk dome tweeters, 5.25″ Kevlar drivers
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
  • 2-year warranty


Signal detection: The YU6 speakers come with standby and power-up modes which are great for power conservation, and it acts as an ease-of-use feature that many people love. Both standby and power-up modes are automatic, so you’ll always have music playing and downtime when you need it.

Great components: You will benefit from 1” silk dome tweeters and 5.25” Kevlar drivers that focus on providing clarity to the mid-range and high-end frequencies. They’re also compatible with Bluetooth devices. Overall, the speaker is geared toward delivering a thorough listening experience.

Cost: Not only are the speakers stylish, but they’re unarguably cost-efficient as well. Sitting under $500 for the pair, they offer impressive quality for the investment. It doesn’t take much to find speakers that cost much more than this, and it’s good to see that the company provides as much value as possible within the components.


Quality control: Unfortunately, it looks like there are a few issues with quality controls. I’ve heard of some buyers having found components dead on arrival, which seems to be primarily an issue with the tweeters. This may not be extremely common, but it’s something to consider before diving into a purchase.

Lacking high-end fidelity: As you turn the volume up on these speakers, you’re bound to encounter a drop in quality. The range of frequencies starts to become more inconsistent, and the sound tends to be much too bright at higher volumes.

A great powered speaker option for turntables

Aside from the pros and cons, the Kanto YU6 speakers still deliver a baseline quality that many people enjoy. The YU6 speakers should get the job done if you consider yourself a casual listener. However, those who label themselves audiophiles will endlessly pick apart the quality these speakers offer. Regardless of that, they’re a cost-efficient option that looks stylish and should be more than suitable for a vinyl listening experience.

They also boast the features of an included phono preamp and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can play your favorite music from different mediums. When it comes to size and weight, it’s hard to complain. Weighing roughly 17 lbs and only a little over a foot tall, the speakers can easily fit in many different areas of your home. Moreover, most people enjoy the remote control features, as it removes the hassle of adjusting volume, input, and tone and balance controls.

They may not be perfect, but they do a little more than just get the job done. The YU6 speaker delivers convenience, cost-efficiency, and general sound quality that’s satisfactory for most casual vinyl enthusiasts.

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Best Budget Turntable Speakers

Technical specs & features

  • Powered speakers
  • 2-way ported speaker design
  • Power output: 42W peak power
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms
  • Driver sizes: 13mm tweeter, 4″ bass driver
  • Frequency response: 75 Hz – 18 kHz


Aux inputs: These speakers come with two aux inputs, allowing users to connect any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or even a dual RCA output. You can also connect two devices simultaneously with no unplugging or switching required.

Stylish finish: This may not pertain to the sound quality, but it’s a big selling point for many people. Featuring a classic wood finish that’s suitable for a vast range of home decor, it’ll add to the character of any room in your house.

Built-in tone control: Easily make micro-adjustments to the bass or treble with the tone control nobs that can be found on the side of the active speaker. Every time you power the speakers on, the volume is automatically set to a comfortable level.


Construction quality: These speakers don’t have the best build quality, as individual components have been known to break in a relatively short time frame. Some customers have had to deal with the wire jacks breaking, and many components seem to be somewhat fragile.

Muddy bass: The bass sounds fairly muddy, regardless of the type of music you’re playing. Overall, the speakers tend to weigh heavier on the low-end frequencies while not providing an equal depth in the mid to high range.

Inconsistent performance: When it comes to the volume, the speakers can sound pretty different at various levels. They don’t provide uniform sounds regardless of the volume level, which causes many people to make constant manual adjustments to the tone controls.

The best budget turntable speakers on the market

When looking for a budget pair of turntable speakers, you’re not going to find many that are better than the Edifier R1280T powered speakers. These speakers are perfect upgrades for built-in record player speakers and allow for external devices to be connected through their auxiliary jack.

While the sound quality isn’t that of other high-end speakers, the two-way ported design and 42-watt power can pack a punch and should be enough for the casual music lover.

Design-wise, these speakers come with a classic wood finish and are fitting in most rooms’ decor.

On top of all of this, these speakers come with a 2-year warranty. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bookshelf speaker with all the features of the R1280T in this price range!

KEF LS50 Meta

Best Audiophile Turntable Speakers

Technical specs & features

  • Passive speakers
  • 2-way ported speaker design
  • Power output: 40W continuous, 100W peak power
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Driver sizes: 1″ tweeter, 5.25″ midrange driver
  • Frequency response: 47hHz – 45kHz


Metamaterial Absorption Tech: This is a unique piece of technology that delivers a noticeable difference in sound quality. Metamaterial absorption technology (MAT) has a maze-like structure that absorbs 99% of unwanted sound from the driver. This helps to eliminate distortion while offering listeners a cleaner and bolder sound quality.

Acoustic design: Every aspect of these speakers is built with the acoustics in mind, as they feature a low-diffraction curved front baffle that’s mirrored by the radiused rear panel. Additionally, the port exit and speaker terminals have a recess in their shape.

Flexible port: Their patented offset port is built to delay the onset of turbulence. This helps to prevent resonances from meddling with the mid-range frequencies, which drives a clearer sound with substantial depth.


Break-in period: This may be more common with some speakers than others, but a handful of audiophiles mention it takes around 40 to 80 listening hours for the quality of the speaker to truly show themselves.

Needs a subwoofer: While these speakers do shine without the help of ait, a subwoofer will offer additional bass support to really get the room thumping. This only pertains to those who cherish deep, thumbing bass, but the speakers don’t really deliver a knocking, rumbling bass on their own.

Proper audiophile speakers for turntables

KEF LS50 Meta speakers are a perfect pairing of quality and technology. These speakers use metamaterial absorption technology (MAT). MAT mitigates distortion that comes from the back of conventional speaker’s tweeters with a network of 30 tubes that are designed to absorb certain frequencies from 600 Hz and up. The result is a frequency response up to 45kHz!

These little details in the high end give your music an extremely natural sound, almost as if you’re right there with your favorite musician.

The LS50 is very intentionally engineered to minimize resonances and provide solid sound across the audio spectrum. These are truly remarkable speakers built with extreme attention to detail.

Fluance Signature HiFi Floorstanding Tower Speakers

Best Turntable Speakers for Large Rooms

Technical specs & features

  • Passive speakers
  • 3-way ported speaker design
  • Power output: 90W continuous, 200W peak power
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Driver sizes: 1″ tweeter, 5″ midrange driver, x2 8″ woofer
  • Frequency response: 35hz – 20khz


Quality acoustics: The cabinets of these speakers are built with engineered MDF wood, which aims to deliver a distortion-free and overall warm sound. You’ll also find a 1.4” thick front baffle, and it features chamfered edges to substantially decrease sound diffraction.

Frequency clarity: From ultra high-end Neodymium tweeters and a midrange pointed dome, listeners should be able to hear a range of frequencies with utmost clarity. This is also possible due to the enhanced soundstage of these speakers, breathing new life into any of your old records.

8” woofers: These are known for their linear movement, which delivers low-frequency bass performance and comes through with a clean yet powerful sound. Moreover, the low frequencies come through with a good amount of control, so you’ll get a consistent sound regardless of the volume level.


Stiff components: Out of the box, you may notice that the speakers aren’t delivering the sound quality you’re hoping for. You shouldn’t write them off from the jump though, as it’s normal for these speakers to go through a break-in period that can range anywhere between 50 to 100 hours of listening time.

Difficult floor spike installation: The installation of the floor spikes is a complete hassle. This is a relatively small component that shouldn’t be too difficult to install, but many people have had the opposite experience.

Bass clarity: Although the Fluance speakers don’t have any issue delivering a deep bass sound, the general quality and depth that comes with it may lack with certain genres of music. They may come with a good amount of control for low-end frequencies, but some audiophiles hoped the overall quality would sound better.

Lots of sound for a large room

If you’ve read any of our other buying guides, you know that we love Fluance for their impeccable quality and dedication to vinyl-related products. Their signature HiFi 3-way floorstanding speakers are no exception to this.

These are perfect for use as turntable speakers as well as in home theaters without the need for separate speakers. Their wide frequency range allows for dynamic stereo imaging while their power output can facilitate higher volumes coming from the amplifier.

Each speaker contains a silk dome tweeter to reduce harshness in the high end while mid-range drivers are made from woven glass fiber to better handle the sound in that range.

To put it simply, the Fluance signature HiFi speakers are premium speakers that will take your vinyl collection to the next level.

Turntable Speakers FAQs

You may have some additional questions regarding how to evaluate and pick a turntable speaker. We’ve addressed some of these questions below:

What speaker is best for a turntable – passive or powered speakers?

Both passive and powered speakers are perfectly suitable for use with a turntable. Many high-end speakers tend to be passive as this allows more customization within your entire setup such as amplifier adjustments, phono preamp usage, etc.

Powered speakers still sound great and are perfect options for individuals who want less equipment in their audio setup as there is an amplification module built in speakers themselves. For further reading on this, see our active vs passive speakers guide.

Are tower or bookshelf speakers better for turntables?

There’s no right or wrong answer on if bookshelf speakers or tower speakers are better for turntables. It all depends on your home setup and how you intend on using the speakers.

In short, bookshelf speakers are small and portable but typically can’t project sound as loud and dynamic as tower speakers, which are larger and bulky but provide more volume and dynamic range.

Can I use passive speakers with a turntable?

Yes, you certainly can use passive speakers with a turntable. Some of the best speakers on the market are passive. Passive speakers just need a form of amplification, usually through a stereo receiver, to produce the proper sound.

Do I need a preamp and an amp for my turntable?

In some cases, yes. However, it completely depends on your turntable setup. Many turntables come with a built-in preamp, negating the need for an external one. Additionally, if you have active or powered speakers, an amp is not necessary.

For further information on connecting your turntable to speakers, check out our thorough guide.

Best turntable speakers: final thoughts

Whether you choose high-end passive speakers or a budget-friendly pair of powered speakers, the goal is to get great sound. Good sound is subjective, just like good music.

What ultimately matters is you enjoy your record collection the way you want to. That could look like getting new speakers with the latest processing power or getting a pair of wireless powered speakers to connect to your record player. The result is the same: improved sound.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading!

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