The 15 Best Turntable Accessories for Vinyl Lovers

It’s no secret that many love collecting vinyl records. Obviously, a turntable is a must for playing these records, but it takes more than just the player to get into this particular hobby. You need all sorts of accessories to make your collection complete and keep everything in good condition.

This list includes some of the best accessories on the market today for anyone looking to add to their current turntable setup, or many for someone looking to purchase a gift for a friend, family member, or significant other who has an interest in vinyl records.

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Best Turntable Accessories under $20

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get accessories that will elevate your vinyl listening experience. In fact, some of the best accessories come in at under $20.

Anti-Static Turntable Stylus Gel Cleaner

Anti-Static Turntable Stylus Gel Cleaner Accessory

The best kind of vinyl is made to last. However, you shouldn’t play them without a turntable and stylus cleaner! This anti-static turntable stylus gel is designed specifically for cleaning your stylus while minimizing the risk of collecting dust or other debris on it.

The gel is tough enough to remove dirt that may have accumulated in and around your cartridge over time, but gentle enough not to damage the surface of the needle. It’s also anti-static so there will be no shocks when you put it back in its proper place on your player!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your current setup in tip-top shape or are just starting out this is an excellent choice!

  • Clean your needle without damaging it
  • Keeps playback issues at bay
  • Ensure that you’re not playing dirty records

Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount

Record Wall Mount

A vinyl record shelf is a perfect solution for those who want to show off their collection, but don’t have a lot of room. The design is made from clear acrylic which helps showcase your vinyl, while also being sturdy and secure. It’s a great choice for any home!

  • Clear acrylic construction to help showcase your record collection
  • Sturdy and secure. It won’t fall down
  • Looks great in any room

Record Weight & Stabilizer

Record Weight and Stabilizer

A record stabilizer weight is one of those nifty little accessories that can make your listening experience even better.

This stabilizer is 318g in weight which will help dampen vibrations but not overload the turntable bearings. It also has a height of just 34mm so it will easily fit under your dust cover when during use! If you’ve been looking for one more accessory to improve the sound quality of your vinyl records then this is it.

  • Eliminates wobbles from some warped records
  • Holds the record flat against the platter, improving sound quality
  • Charming appearance with a glossy finish

Fluance Turntable Cork Platter Slip Mat

Fluance Cork Slip Mat

The Fluance turntable slip mat is an attractive addition to any record player. Made of cork, the mat reduces static electricity and helps your records stay in one piece when you put them away. The 3mm thickness offers enough cushioning for even heavy LPs, but not so much that it deforms anything.

  • Increased traction of records while playing
  • Reduces unwanted vibrations
  • It’s a beautiful addition to any music lover’s home

Anti Static Record Sleeves

Anti Static Record Sleeves

Vinyl lovers know that the best way to maintain your collection is by keeping them clean and safe. Anti-static record sleeves protect your vinyl from all types of damage while maintaining the original sound quality of the album.

Made with an anti-static fabric lining, these sleeves keep out dust and dirt, while also preventing static electricity buildup which can be harmful to vinyl records. These sleeves come in assorted colors to match any style or theme you have going on in your collection!

  • Prevent scratches on your records
  • Keeps vinyl clean and safe from dust, dirt, and grime
  • An affordable price to prevent a potentially costly issue

Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale

Digital Turntable Stylus Force Scale

For many audio geeks, the most important component of a turntable is the stylus. The stylus is what translates your music into analog sound and it needs to be adjusted properly for optimal performance.

This digital turntable stylus force scale will show you just how much pressure your stylus is exerting within the grooves of a record with its built-in scale. It has a backlit display and works with both MM and MC cartridges. Now there’s no need to guess at what pressure your stylus should be set at because this digital scale provides an easy way to tune up your deck before playing!

  • Ensures reliable playback and protects your stylus, saving you money by not having to buy new needles as often.
  • Small and easily stored.
  • Protect your vinyl collection from unnecessary damage.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Bluetooth Receiver Accessory for Turntables

Bluetooth transmitters are a great way to add Bluetooth capability to an old stereo or amp that doesn’t have the technology built-in. This Bluetooth transmitter connects to your system via a 3.5mm audio jack and is small enough to fit behind or under your gear, leaving plenty of room for you to plug in other cables and wires.

  • Connect your phone or laptop directly to your old stereo with no wires
  • Enjoy high sound quality from your stereo without messing with cords and cables
  • Add Bluetooth capability to an old amplifier you love

Anti Static Record Cleaner & Handler

Record Handler Accessory

A record handler is made from anti-static fleece material that protects your records against static charges while you handle them during playback or storage. It can also be used as a cleaner by wiping down your records with this handy accessory before handling them again!

  • Prevent static, dust, and oils from your hands from getting on your collection
  • Your records will last longer because they are less likely to get damaged
  • Avoid the embarrassment of having other people see fingerprints all over your valuable records

Best Turntable Accessories Under $50

If you want accessories for your turntable that cost a little bit more, there are also some good options in the $50 price range as well.

Vinyl Record Cleaner Kit

Record cleaning kit with record brush, cleaning gel, stylus brush, and cleaning solution

It’s time to get your records clean and a cleaning kit is a perfect way to do it! These cleaning kits come with everything essential for a deep clean, all in one place such as a velvet record brush, stylus cleaning gel, stylus brush, and a bottle of cleaning solution. It’s safe for any record or cartridge and is small and portable.

  • Safe for all vinyl records
  • Low cost and affordable.
  • Improve the quality of your records with a deep clean.

Vinyl Record Storage Holder

Vinyl Record Storage Holder

Your records aren’t just something you play on a turntable. They are an integral part of your home decor and creative expression. Store and display your records beautifully and with this holder and show off all your favorites without worrying about dust or scratches. These holders come in different stains and colors so there’s one that will fit perfectly into any space in your home.

  • Keeps your records safe and dust-free
  • Holds up to 50 records
  • Give your home decor a pop of color with this holder

Vinyl Record Album Display Frame

Vinyl Record Album Display Frame

Your favorite album cover is now a work of art. This vinyl record album display frame features a .75″ wide profile and a woodgrain finish creating a timeless display for your favorite albums. The frame measures 25×16.5 inches and is designed to showcase one standard or double record album cover.

Pinewood construction with 1.8mm glass front creates lasting quality that will live through the ages, so you can share your love for vinyl music albums with future generations!

  • Easy to use and install your record.
  • Classic design that fits with most home decor.
  • Showcase your favorite album in an elegant way.

Best Turntable Accessories under $200

If you want accessories that are more expensive, there are also some good options in the $200 price range as well.

Pro-Ject Audio MM/MC Phono Preamp

Pro-Ject Phono Preamp

A Pro-Ject phono preamp is the perfect piece of gear for anyone looking to push their turntable setup to the next level.

The MM/MC switch on the rear panel will let you choose between a moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridge. It also has a DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power), which means it runs completely silent, so your records will never be interrupted by humming or buzzing. And with its precise RIAA equalization, this preamp offers excellent sonic fidelity.

  • Improves audio quality by taking the load off of your stereo or turntable preamp.
  • Compatibility with almost any cartridge
  • Small in size so it can easily fit next to any turntable or record player.

Record Cleaning System

A plastic record cleaning system

A record cleaning system not only saves time but also ensures that your records are clean and dust-free. This affordable record cleaner is constructed with high-quality plastic and has a premium head brush for deep dirt removal. It is available in three different sizes: 33, 35, and 78 RPMs. This means that you can use this machine on all of your albums without any trouble at all!

  • Keep your records looking fresh and new, even if they’re decades old
  • Protects your stylus from dirt, grime, and dust
  • Works fast, usually in less than 30 seconds

Vintage Record Player Stand

Vintage Record Player Stand

This record player stand will help you organize your records in a beautiful way. Constructed with gray wood and powder-coated black metal, this stand includes 14 slots of record storage to hold all of your vinyl.

  • Keep your records in order with easy access to all of them
  • Beautifully display your vinyl collection
  • Get the vintage look you’ve always wanted for your home

Wooden Turntable Stand

Wood stand for turntables

This wooden turntable stand is designed for people who want to enjoy their favorite album without having wires all over the place all with plenty of room for your turntable, phono pre-amp, and speakers!

It has 3 main features: it’s modern with a brown woodgrain finish, has storage space below for your records, and there are two drawers that hold up to 15 pounds each.

  • Wooden finish and design that will fit any decor.
  • Storage for records below the stand.
  • Give your vinyl collection the home it deserves!


If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift idea for yourself or a vinyl lover in your life, these are some great suggestions. Whether your or your loved one likes practical gifts, want’s to improve their setup, or just wants to show off their records, we think there’s a turntable accessory for everyone here! We hope this guide has helped you find the right present to give someone special in your life!

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