Lucas Modrall

Senior Reviews Editor

Lucas is the Senior Reviews Editor at HiFi Hippo covering a range of topics relating to turntables, preamps, speakers, and everything vinyl.
With 15+ years of music experience, Lucas has had the pleasure of finding passion through classical music at a young age. Once he moved on from classical training, Lucas looked into more modern music such as hip-hop, electronic, pop, and even ambient music.
From there, Lucas spent nearly all of his free time learning modern music production, which led to a newfound interest in DAWs such as FL Studio and Logic. Now, music production is part of Lucas’s full-time job, and he actively collaborates with artists, film and TV producers, YouTubers, podcasters, and more. His time with music and the unbiased ear he carried throughout his career has allowed Lucas to continuously adapt and expand within the music industry.
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